excavator-406812_960_720Yesterday, my good friend Larry the Landlord came to my office looking as pale as a ghost.

As is usual with him I had to ask, “Why are you so upset today Larry?”

“Because they had to bulldoze my rental unit and I do not have any money and my homeowners insurance expired,” He replied holding back his tears.

“Why did they bulldoze it?” I asked puzzled.

Letting the first tear drop fall he stuttered, “Because of the water damage caused by the fire department.”
Again puzzled I inquired, “What happened that the fire department cause water damage Larry?”
With his voice choking he gingerly stated, “Because of the fire caused by the tenants when they started a grease fire on the stove because they weren’t paying attention.”
Concerned I sought, “Didn’t you require your tenants to carry tenant paid liability insurance on your home?”
Crying uncontrollably Larry muttered, “I never even thought about it.”

My advice to you, Don’t be like Larry. RPM Executives’ Santa Clarita Property Management team enforces $100,000 limit of liability for lessee’s legal liability for damage to the landlord’s property for no less than the following causes of loss: fire, smoke, explosion, water damage, backup or overflow of sewer, drain or sump (“Tenant Paid Required Insurance”).

Posted by: RPM Executives on October 9, 2015
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