house-insurance-419058_960_720Newhall, California – December 2015 – Attracting the right tenants and managing a single-family property is much easier and safer when using the professional services offered by RPM Executives in California. While it may seem more cost effective to prepare, market and manage a condo, townhome or house, it is a very complicated, expensive and time-consuming responsibility. Hiring an experienced and knowledgeable single-family property management company that utilizes professional tools and technology, protects against potential issues and maximizes your investment, while freeing up your time.

The services RPM Executives offer include locating responsible tenants who meet financial obligations, while providing sophisticated management tools that empower property owners. The process starts with effective online marketing and advertising posted to numerous sites, and attractive in-yard signs with a toll-free number. The online application process is simple and straightforward, and interested parties can even apply using their Smartphone.

RPM Executives advanced system prices rental properties comparable to the area, and effectively maximizes revenue and reduces the number of vacancies. RPM Executives also hold security deposits in a trust and enforces tenant paid required insurance. The ability to pay online assures quick and secure payments. The full range of services encompasses tenant screenings, tours, inspections, routine and emergency maintenance. For property owners who live in another state, or who wish to free up time, RPM Executives is an ideal solution.

A tenant that pays on time and respects the property they live in is the goal for any property owner. By using RPM Executives, it’s easy to attain.

About RPM Executives:

RPM Executives is a team of professional property managers in Santa Clarita that provide a full complement of services to clients. We oversee marketing and advertising, perform background screenings of prospective tenants, conduct tours of properties, and handle inspections at move-in and move-out. We oversee all maintenance on both a routine and emergency basis, and we’re also well-versed in all applicable California Real Estate, Fair Housing and Tenant Laws.

To learn more about what RPM Executives can do for you, please call (661) 254-1776.

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