RPM ExecutivesNewhall, CA – March 1, 2016 – Those who own rental property in California need robust and reliable ways to maximize their value, and that’s exactly what RPM Executives Property Management in Santa Clarita provides.  RPM Executives Property Management cutting-edge suite of software-based solutions allows for a radical redefinition of what “property management” can mean.

With RPM Executives, property management  isn’t simply oversight of the land and tenants.  With advanced analytical methods, RPM Executives can:

  • Utilize data-based methods to precisely match rental prices to an area, reducing vacant buildings while maximizing profits.
  • Advertise properties online with optimal placement to bring the most qualified applicants.
  • Screen applications within minutes for credit checks, past rental payment history, and criminal background investigations. Owners can feel secure their property will be in the hands of someone who will treat it properly.
  • Streamline payment processes, allowing for digital payments from tenants as well as direct-deposits for owners, greatly reducing the time needed for receipt of payments.
  • Grant direct electronic access to payment history, maintenance invoices, and other property-related reports. Owners gain full oversight over property’s management.
  • Utilize electronic systems to speed up maintenance requests and fulfillment, making life easier for tenants.
  • Secure private information in state-of-the-art data storage facilities which protect both owners and tenants, while allowing access whenever appropriate.

RPM Executives has created a true all-in-one solution for maximizing revenues from rental properties, without “cutting corners” or risking violation of California renting laws.  All this makes RPM Executives a true leader in 21st Century property management, and the go-to choice for California property owners who desire maximal results with a minimum of effort on their part.

About RPM Executives Property Management

RPM Executives Property Management boasts many years of experience in California’s property rental market, and aims to create full-featured solutions that simplify the lives of both property owners and their tenants.  RPM Executives provides the software tools necessary for owners to remotely oversee property in full confidence, find the best tenants for a property, and ensure those tenants’ needs are met within the requirements of the law.

For more information or press inquiries, contact RPM Executives at 661-254-1776 or visit www.rpmexecutives.com.

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