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RPM Executives Property Management Announces Online Tenant Portal to Make Maintenance Requests and Termination Notices Easier

SAnta Clarita Owner Tenant PortalNewhall, California – January 2015 – RPM Executives property management in California utilizes the latest mobile technology tools to make tenant services easily available for prospective and existing leasers. RPM Executives understands the importance of being able to take care of business all in one place. Instead of making calls or filling out paperwork by hand, RPM tenants have access to a responsive mobile website that allows them to apply for homes, sign lease contracts electronically and pay rent.

RPM Executives online tenant services also include tenant maintenance requests and 30-day termination notices. When a property requires maintenance, simply sign into the tenant portal to begin the process of activating a request. Tenant requests are evaluated and responded to in an efficient manner, and an appropriate action taken within the proper timeline.

For termination notices, go to the tenant section of the RPM Executive website and select 30-day notice. Fill out the web form and submit. The form will provide the expected move out date. (more…)

Attract the Right Tenants and Manage a Property with Services from RPM Executives in California

house-insurance-419058_960_720Newhall, California – December 2015 – Attracting the right tenants and managing a single-family property is much easier and safer when using the professional services offered by RPM Executives in California. While it may seem more cost effective to prepare, market and manage a condo, townhome or house, it is a very complicated, expensive and time-consuming responsibility. Hiring an experienced and knowledgeable single-family property management company that utilizes professional tools and technology, protects against potential issues and maximizes your investment, while freeing up your time.

The services RPM Executives offer include locating responsible tenants who meet financial obligations, while providing sophisticated management tools that empower property owners. The process starts with effective online marketing and advertising posted to numerous sites, and attractive in-yard signs with a toll-free number. The online application process is simple and straightforward, and interested parties can even apply using their Smartphone. (more…)

Larry the Landlord and the Sign of the Times

The other day my friend Larry the Landlord sped by me in the hallway almost knocking me over. “Where are you going in such a hurry Larry?”, I asked.
For RentThe wind blew away my ‘For Rent’ sign he quipped turning to run off again. Stopping he turned quickly and retorted, “This is the second trip to Home Depot this month and is the third sign I’ve replaced in four months”.
“Four months!” I shouted as he turned the corner, “How many properties are you advertising?”
Larry peaked his head around the corner with a concerned look on his face and replied, “Just one”

……………… (more…)

Larry the Landlord Learns a Lesson about Trust Funds

Spending MoneyIt had been a few months from the time I last saw my friend Larry the Landlord. When he walked into my office, I immediately noticed he had lost considerable weight, and he looked rather pale.

“Wow Larry”, I exclaimed, “did you go on one of those crash diets?”
“It was the food that they were feeding me”, he retorted with a look of disgust on his face.


Landlord Insurance Lessons from Larry

excavator-406812_960_720Yesterday, my good friend Larry the Landlord came to my office looking as pale as a ghost.

As is usual with him I had to ask, “Why are you so upset today Larry?”

“Because they had to bulldoze my rental unit and I do not have any money and my homeowners insurance expired,” He replied holding back his tears. (more…)

Larry the Landlord Creates A Website

Landlord WebsiteThe other day, Larry came into my office all beaming with joy.
“Hey Larry”, I said, “Looks like you’re pretty happy after the rent check fiasco”.
“Oh, yes”, he replied, “I just created a website that allows fellow landlords to report bad tenants. The idea came to mind with my last tenant, you remember the one who didn’t pay his rent for 6 months until I was able to evict him from my property? Well anyways, If all landlords start using this website, what do you think will happen AFTER you rent to a bad tenant. No one will rent to them?. ”
“Well that seems like a pretty good idea, Larry. But let me ask you a question, “I remarked. ” Wouldn’t it be better to do (more…)

Larry the Landlord Cashes Rent Check

Santa Clarita Landlord Rent CheckI have a very resourceful friend who can squeeze a buffalo off a nickel and give you change back. He decided a long time ago he could manage his own residential property. We affectionately call him Larry the Landlord around the office. Well anyways, Larry came in to see me today quite upset. I asked him what was the matter.

“They just stole my whole rent payment”, he said.

Shocked, I asked “Who stole your rent payment Larry?”.

“The guys who just robbed the liquor store”, he retorted with a bit of trepidation.

Puzzled, I inquired, “How can the guys who just robbed the liquor store steal your rent payment?” (more…)

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